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Followit's policy is to offer fast and professional service to our customers. In addition to maintenance service of our products, we also offer high-competent consulting services to customers with little, or no experience of using wildlife telemetry equipment.

Due to many years of experience, our staff has a broad competence in the biological and technical fields. We can therefore answer any question regarding service of our products, and/or give you detailed information about how to design and carry out an intended study. Contact:

Product service
We promptly serve receivers made by us if they are sent back to our factory. If requested, we can give you a quote in advance. The cost of servicing receiving antennas and antenna cables are high compared to the cost of buying new equipment. Therefore, these products are normally not serviced, and should therefore be regarded as articles of consumption.

It is possible to replace the batteries of our radio transmitter packages if the package is sent back to us. However, the transmitter package must be specially designed for making the replacement easy, and this should be requested when ordering the transmitter. Our warranty for proper function of a transmitter does not cover the time after the battery (-ies) has been changed if the transmitter package was not designed for the purpose.

Maintenance service of equipment is charged according to the time required for the service.


Consulting service
One of the most important tasks in the communication with our customers is to give advice about which telemetry equipment may be suitable for a specific study. This is of great importance, as it may minimise the probability of wasting time and money due to the use of improper equipment. Hence, if you want advice about what type of equipment to use in an intended study, please contact sales department, and we will immediately get back to you with a suggestion as a base for further discussions.

For more information regarding support issues, please contact us at


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