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Polar bear
One extreme

From The Arctic...

Our GPS collars are designed for extreme environments in remote locations.

To another

... To The Savanna

No matter where your study is located, you will always be in control.

African Lions

High precision GPS positioning

GPS positioning with flexible schedules


Create virtual fences around your study animals

Two way communication

Manage your collars remotely using Followit GEO


All our collars are designed for extreme environments

Long battery life

High capacity batteries combined with smart energy saving functions

Optimal GSM coverage

Multi operator SIM provide the best possible GSM coverage

Easy to use

Both our collars and management software are designed for easy usage


Tellus GPS collars

The Tellus line of GPS collars incorporates the most recent technological advances resulting in reduced collar weight, operational flexibility, increased performance and improved reliability. These collars have an exceptional track record of providing accurate GPS positions and battery performance in harsh environments in over 20 years of production.

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Followit GEO gives you more possibilities than ever before!

Followit GEO is a map-based web portal that allows for a number of helpful features. It will bring your research to a new dimension by giving you valuable tools to follow the animals in detail and letting you interact with the collars remotely.

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