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Followit Sweden AB

Followit Sweden AB is one of the leading enterprises in mobile and satellite positioning of animals, vehicles, transportation, people and property.

The solutions are mainly used by wildlife researchers, the transport and security industry, for livestock, by the hunting community and by private individuals for surveillance of valuable property.

Wildlife GPS collars using Iridium or GSM

Followit provides high quality tracking equipment as well as unique and professional knowledge in radio- and GPS positioning for wildlife biologists.
Followit´s tracking products are designed to optimize both animal welfare and research possibilities.

With experience since 1974, all research products are produced with great consideration of the carrier, including type of animal, size and expected environmental circumstances.
The web-based program Followit GEO allows you to follow the animal directly from your desktop or smart phone.

Followit’s products and services are used by many thousands of customers worldwide.


Upcoming Events

  • International Wild Equid Conference
    September 1-5, 2019, Prague - Czech Republic
  • American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society Annual Conference
    September 29 - October 2, 2019, Reno NV - USA
    Represented by Omnia Ecological Services
  • Betesdagen
    October 9, 2019, Hörby - Sweden
  • ASPB Conference
    November 20-22, 2019, Lake Louise, AB - Canada
    Represented by Omnia Ecological Services

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Followit GEO

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Used by security- and logistics customers and customers using:

  • Tellus 2 (Tellus Ultra Light, Light, Small, Medium, Medium Plus, Large and Elephant)
  • Pellego
  • Contact RDT
  • Enfora
  • Appello 2 VIP

Followit GEO 3.0

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Used by wildlife research customers using:

  • Tellus 3 (Tellus Micro)


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For security customers using:

  • Appello 2
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