• 2017-07-03
  • Contact GPS 3

    Followit launches a successor to the popular GPS tracker Contact GPS.

    The new model is designed to be a multi purpose GPS tracker - useful the year around. Use it as for personal security while hiking in the mountains, secure your ATV against theft or track your dog while hunting. The new app helps you organizing your hunting team, invite team members and keep track of all your trackers. Choose which map provider you want to use and only pay for the features you are using. The release is scheduled for September 2017. Follow the link to read more ».

  • Wildlife GEO

    Wildlife GEO

    Wildlife GEO Together with the release of Tellus Micro we are also launching our new web platform Wildlife GEO. This platform has a number of new features compared to the earlier version of GEO. First and foremost the user interface is remodeled from the bottom up and is now 100% responsive, meaning that it will adapt depending on if you use it from your desktop computer or your tablet or smartphone. So now you can seamlessly continue your work, no matter where you are. The new platform also reflects all the configuration options available with the new generation of Tellus collars such as Tellus Micro.

    Existing users can access the new portal with the same username and password. To try it out, visit https://wildlifegeo.followit.se/

Tellus Micro


Tellus Micro

Tellus Micro We are happy to report that our first orders of Tellus Micro has been delivered and are now deployed on animals around the world. It's ultra light weight and added configuration options has opened up new research possibilities. For technical details, please visit our website or contact us at wildlifesales@followit.se

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