Followit GEO™ gives you more possibilities than ever before!

Available for our GPS/GSM/GPRS and GPS/Iridium collars

Followit GEO™

Followit GEO™ is a map-based web portal that allows for a number of helpful features. It will bring your research to a new dimension by giving you valuable tools to follow the animals in detail and letting you interact with the collars remotely. Different types of access can be assigned for different users: Administrators have full access and can create and change schedules, groups, fences etc; Regular users can access to see all units, groups and download data; Observers have only authority to see units within the group they have been assigned.

Geo-fence - Virtual fencing

With an easy-to-use boundary “fence”, you can select and activate one or more areas anywhere on the Followit GEO™ map. If any of your collared animals enters and/or exits an activated area, you will receive a message with information about the animal involved. Each area can be as large or as small as desired - from a single den site, to a railroad track, or an entire national park.

2-way communication

You can log in to Followit GEO™ to change the positioning schedule of your collars on the fly. Not only is it possible to change GPS positioning schedule, you can also activate the drop-off mechanisms for your collars from here. You are also able to create a temporary schedule and set a start and stop date for the period that the schedule shall be active.

If mortality occurs, you will be notified with time and location of death.

Real time updates on your Smartphone

If you have a Smartphone, you can log on to Followit GEO™ wherever you are to view the most recently updated locations from your collars.

For more information about Followit GEO™ features contact

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