Tellus Micro

Followit GPS collars are designed to optimize research possibilities while ensuring animal welfare. With a team of specialists developing and manufacturing telemetry equipment since 1974, all collars are custom designed to meetcustomer specifications. Our innovative collar design minimizes weight without compromising performance, battery life or data collection.
Collar and data management is achieved through Followit GEO™, a web based application, allowing for two-way communication with Iridium and GSM/GPRS collars. This program allows the user to view location data, adjust position and VHF schedules, create virtual fencing, trigger the remote drop-off, and monitor battery performance. Followit GEO™ is accessible from all web enabled devices including personal computers, tablets or smart-phones.

Tellus Micro

Tellus Micro is the latest result from more than 20 years of experience in GPS aided wildlife tracking. The weight of the collar is from only 75 grams which opens up a wide range of new research possibilities. Despite its small size it still has features such as remotely controlled drop-off and GSM/GPRS options.

Tellus Micro also introduces collar managed geo-fences which allows the collar to detect when it crosses one of its pre-programmed geo-fences. This will automatically let the collar to change to a new GPS schedule and report to the server. From the server you can set up event subscriptions allowing you to send alerts to assigned observers. The collar managed geo-fences can be updated remotely using Followit GEO and sent to the collar at any time.

Additionally, all settings such as mortality delay, activity sensitivity, etc can now be adjusted from the web platform Followit GEO. This allows you to ine tune these settings according to your needs - even after the collar has been deployed. New, more lexible GPS schedules with options such as continous intervalls gives you even more possibilities to customize your research.

Tellus Micro

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Product sheets

Tellus Tellus Micro - product sheet

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