Followit are experts in GPS collars for animals that move in harsh environments. We have delivered equipment for decades to thousands of customers for animals in the Arctic environment, tropical jungle, desert, forest and savannas. We know what it takes and use all our experience to provide the best possible products for what nature, carrier and customer demands. For livestock, we have delivered collars to more than 100 customers all around the world. We have several different collars for livestock to choose from, depending on requirements for functionality, battery life, weight and price. All collars are of high quality, are comfortable and durable, and has support for graphical presentation on smart phones.

Pellego – excellent functionality with low weight at an affordable price

Pellego weighs only 175 grams, but despite its low weight it is a durable collar with high capacity. The cover is designed for high density and water resistance. The collar length is adjustable to fit several neck sizes. GPS positions are sent over the GSM/GPRS network. The collar can store up to 40,000 positions, if the animal is temporarily outside GSM coverage. This allows you to gather all positions, even in areas with poor GSM coverage. Pellego has a rechargeable battery that can be recharged wireless. The battery capacity is approximately 10-12 months using two positions per day, depending on settings and the surrounding environment.
Available positioning intervals for Pellego:
- 1 time / day, battery time < 18 months
- 2 times / day (every 12 hours), battery time < 12 months
- 6 times / day (every 4 hours), battery time < 6 months
- 12 times / day (every other hour), battery time < 2 months
- 24 times / day (every hour), battery time < 1 months
- 48 times / day (every 30 minutes), battery time < 2 weeks
- 96 times / day (every 15 minutes), battery time < 1 week
- User-defined schedule with 30 min interval.

- Contact Pro RX- receiver for radio tracking
- Charging station

Tellus Livestock – robust best-seller for tough conditions

Tellus Livestock is a powerful GPS collar with seamless casing, highly durable collar and powerful battery. The collars are similar to those Followit manufacture for wildlife research. Tellus Livestock are available as 600 grams and 800 grams depending on which battery is selected.

Like Pellego, Tellus Livestock stores positions if the animal is temporarily outside GSM or satellite coverage. Tellus Livestock however stores up to 80,000 positions. In addition to position information, time, altitude, temperature, activity, and mortality is stored. The animal’s movement is monitored on your smart phone or computer, where you can also change collar settings.

The battery capacity of Tellus Livestock varies, an estimation is 2 years of battery life at 12 positions per day. Additional battery packs can be purchased and replaced by the customer.

- RX98H receiver for radio tracking
- Extra battery pack


Download options for Tellus Livestock

Tellus Livestock lets you choose your method of download when you purchase a collar. You can choose from GPRS which offers low-cost data transfer for regions where GSM is available, or Iridium Satellite option which offers worldwide coverage, independent from GSM reception. Followit is a leading provider of satellite collars.

Common for all Followit collars

With all Followit collars, you can follow your livestock using Followit GEO™, either from your smart phone or PC. All collars use two-way communication, so you can change for example positioning interval from your computer.

All positions and historical data are stored in Followit GEO™. You can easily export data to a variety of formats. Historical data can be exported either individually for a device or for a group of devices. You can always check the current battery status from your computer. You can also follow the livestock, set virtual fences with warning messages, change the positioning interval, export data and much more.

Service and support

Our goal is that good service and support should be a token for Followit. Our staff has extensive experience in GPS collars in different environments and do their utmost to help you as a customer. You are always welcome to contact us for questions, support, comments or suggestions. Service requests are handled at our facility in Lindesberg.

All Followit collars comes with 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.


Pellego Pellego Tellus Ren
Tellus Livestock




Livestock S

Livestock M

Weight 175 g 600 g 800 g
Dimensions 79 mm x 45 mm x 35 mm 76 mm x 56 mm x 56 mm 76 mm x 65 mm x 71 mm
Memory capacity (number of positions) 40 000 80 000 80 000
Download option GPRS GPRS / Iridium GPRS / Iridium
Battery capacity Approx. 1 year 1 Approx. 1 year 2 Approx. 2 year 2
Rechargable battery    
Radio transmitter UHF VHF VHF
Mortality sensor  
Integrated antennas
Data export (WGS84, RT90, UTM, Sweref99)
Reflective collar    
Belting length 650 / 1250 mm > 480 mm > 480 mm
Reinforced belting available  
Belting width 30 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Waterproof IP-67 IP-67 IP-67

1 2 pos / day (depending on settings and environmental conditions).
2 12 pos / day (depending on settings and environmental conditions).

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