Followit has been developing and manufacturing research and tracking equipment since 1974. Over the years we have been involved in numerous projects all around the globe. The map shows in some of the countries we have customers in.



Case Studies

African Journal of Wildlife Research

The use of GPS telemetry data to study parturition, den location and occupancy in the brown hyaena.

African Journal of Wildlife Research
Southwest Region (Arizona ● New Mexico ● Oklahoma ● Texas)

First Ocelot Den Discovered in 20 years at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge!

Hilary Swarts, Wildlife Biologist & Boyd Blihovde, Refuge Manager
Channel Four

Our Foxes: The Final Journey

Channel Four Television Corporation
Badger project

Cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson meets a team carrying out a large-scale badger research project in Co Wicklow, Ireland

Badgers Ireland
Tellus GPS collars on muskoxen in high arctic Greenland

Using Tellus GPS collars to investigate the year-round movements of muskoxen in the world’s largest national park.

Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Roskilde, Denmark
Tellus Remote GSM collars on mountain lion in California

The ecology, behavior, and conservation of mountain lions in a fragmented urban landscape in southern California.

Hans Skatter, ZoHa Ecoworks ltd
Tellus GPS/GSM Study of White-tailed Deer in Suburban Philadelphia

Eugene Potapov, Fredrik Bryntesson
Tellus GPS collars on Wolf in Alaska

Using Tellus GPS collars to investigate the ecological effects of snowmobile activity on wildlife.

Todd Rinaldi, Alaska Department of Fish & Game
Tellus GPS collars on Iberian wolves in Galicia

The ecology, behavior, and conservation of Iberian wolves in human-dominated landscapes, Galicia, NW Spain.

Luis Llaneza, José Vicente López-Bao
Tellus GPS collars on Hyena in Namibia

Brown Hyena Research Project (BHRP) in Namibia: Brown hyena demography in inland areas of the Sperrgebiet, southern Namib Desert

Ingrid Wiesel (MSc), Brown Hyena Research Project
Iberian Lynx project

Using Tellus GPS collars to investigate the ecological effects of a supplemental feeding programme on Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus).

José Vicente López-Bao, Department of applied biology. Doñana Biological station
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