Radio tracking

Radio tracking

Followit has experience in making VHF transmitters since 1973. The technology is well tested, very reliable and constantly refined. For instance, our transmitters are frequency stable in a wide temperature range.

The use of radio transmitters on animals is wide and the objectives are very different. For many years, the same technology has been used for security and surveillance.

Our transmitters are designed for the project, never the other way around.


We produce transmitters operating on frequencies between 138 and 175 MHz and on 433 MHz. All electronic parts are embedded in a protective and waterproof plastic casing.

Generally, the batteries, the antenna and an attachment device are included, giving the customer a complete radio package, ready to use. Moreover, it is possible to design some of these packages so that the batteries can be replaced. (Replacement of batteries cannot be done for non prepared transmitters.) The transmitters are usually activated by a magnet on/off switch.

Before the transmitters are delivered, we perform rigorous tests to check that they work properly. Our transmitters are very frequency stable (+/- 250Hz) over the temperature range and adjusted for maximum performance (range and battery life) according to the parameters given.


Contact ProContact Pro
Contact Pro is a radio tracker that offers excellent directional accuracy and 200 channels to avoid the risk of using the same frequency as another user, and also enables tracking several transmitters at the same time.

The RX98 receiver offers a scan function of 40 customer programmable channels. The receiver includes the latest in radio tracking technology. It is based on many years of experience from development, production and field use. It is robust but small, easy to use and covers a wide range of frequencies. The receiver covers any 2 MHz* band between 138 to 232 MHz** and is designed with an integrated foldable antenna (RX-98H)***. The receiver offers a scan function of 40 programmable channels. Channels can independently be included or excluded in the scanning cycle. The time between channels can be set from 1 to 9 seconds. The frequency can be set in 1 kHz steps by turning a knob. The 2 knobs control tuning within 1 kHz and gain. The frequency set is shown on a LCD. The signal strength is indicated on a LED array and also by a loudspeaker or earphone. The receiver is powered by 2 alkaline 1.5V batteries which last for about 10-12 hours. Alternatively, the receiver can be used with rechargeable batteries (NiCd or NiMH).

* An additional 2 MHz band can be added
** 138-155 MHz for RX98H
*** The RX-98E model has no antenna included


This is the most popular antenna of them all. It is a four-element Yagi-antenna for handheld tracking. The antenna has foldable, flexible elements and is easy to handle when tracking in the field. It also has very good directional properties.

Weight: ~ 800 grams
Length: 953 mm - 1167 mm (depending on frequency)
Width: 50 mm (folded)
Gain: 8 dB.


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